Bow Tie Blue & Off White Faux Velvet & Pocket Piece Set.


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Islands Earth Bow Tie Blue Velvet Faux & Off White & Pocket Piece square Set. This Formal Bow tie and pocket piece set is designed to dress up any suite and shirt. This unique bow tie is specially hand finished embellishment to assist in making you the top stand out fashion person. Made of a high quality Cobalt type Blue faux velvet with a Off White rope embellishment in the center. Pocket piece can be worn curved side up or to change the style, it can be worn upside down for a straight pocket piece top or slanted for another look. With this unique bow tie set, you will most likely be the only person in the room with this special bowtie set. Great for a wide variety of events including; very formal events like weddings, funerals, balls, gala’s, special occasions, party, Christmas, new years eve, church, to a regular work day or dinner. This is an Islands Earth Original Product. This is an elastic strap neck back pull over head strap type tie and a pin on pocket piece.


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