Islands Earth Bladder Support Super Soaker Urine Leaks Incontience Pad. Cotton B


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This Islands Earth Incontinence Pad is designed to support those experiencing Urinary leaks Incontinence. This is a highly absorbent pad that collects and absorbs a large amount of urine. This pad is made of super soaker fabrics that supports redirecting urine away from the skin and onto the highly absorbing pad. Pad is designed to be used daytime, nighttime and overnight. This pad has a urine and waterproof faux leather back to help prevent urine from leaking onto clothing. Our other pin on design which is more appropriate for use with a lot of movement and sports is also available. The Super Soaker Pad is inserted into the brief, underwear, panty. Designed for heavy wetters. The Super Soaker Pad is 3.5″ wide and 14″ Long for superior urine absorption. Used by men, women and seniors. Pad is made of soft comfortable highly absorbent cotton terry/poly materials. Cold Machine wash/dry many times. Usually last as long as your regular clothing with proper care. After your purchase of this pad, you will likely save many times the cost when compared to having to purchase disposable pads over and over again. The long-term savings are outstanding. Other colors and sizes available for lighter wetters. The front of pad is a Black cotton Blend top and a multi layers super soaker urine absorbing pad center and Faux leather Black Bottom. Multi 6 and 12 packs also available at even better price rates. Pin on version also available.



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