Islands Earth Dark Inner Thigh Lightening NEW Formula 3 Oz Oil/Salve, An Islands

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The Islands Earth DARK INNER THIGH LIGHTENING New FORMULA. 3 oz Oil/Salve, An Islands Earth Original Product. This formula is designed to help support lightening of dark inner thighs. Supports evening of skin tone. Supports removal of old skin Cells. Supports brightening soothing of skin. Works great on both men and women. Ingredients Includes: pure, essential & vegetable oils, grape seed extract, licorice root & rosemary leaf. This formula normally works in the following ways. Skin Lightening Normally is noticeable at the following rates. For those 120 Pounds or less, dark inner thigh lightening normally begins to become noticeable by the end of the second bottle. If you weigh 121 to 150 pounds it will likely take at least 3 jars to see remarkable lightening. If you are 151 to 199 pounds, It will normally take 4 jars to see remarkable Inner thigh lightening. If you are over 200 pounds it normally takes about 5 jars to see remarkable inner thigh lightening. It does not mean that with any of these jar numbers that you will be complete with the dark inner thigh skin lightening process, it means that you should BEGIN to see remarkable change. Dark inner thigh lightening is unlike lightening in other parts of the body, because of it’s location it may take longer than lightening other skin areas. Dark inner thighs normally takes at least 20 years to develop therefore one jar will not complete the process. Once results are obtained most are very happy with completed results but a realistic expectation and patience is required. An Islands Earth Original Product.




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