Islands Earth Perfect 10 Scarring Alopecia Bald Spot Hair Re-Grow Support 60 Capsules

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Scaring alopecia capsules.


Islands Earth Perfect 10 Scarring Alopecia Bald Spot Hair Re-Grow Support 60 Capsules.

The Perfect 10 Scarring Alopecia Bald Spot Hair Re-Grow Support Capsules is a Powerful All Natural formula which helps supports stimulation of hair re-growth in those experiencing scalp scarring hair loss. This is a powerful scalp Scarring Hair Restoration Support formula. Made with Pure plant extracts, herbs, essential oils and pure oils. Recommended for those with Scarring on the head/scalp, thinning hair in spots due to scars, receding hairlines due to scaring, balding and totally bald areas on the head due to scaring from any cause such as burns disease, Injury etc. Supports all forms and causes of scarring alopecia including; Frontal fibrosing alopecia, Cicatricial alopecia, from braiding, relaxers, hot pressing combs, cellulitis and more. supports reduced itching, burning. Supports rebuilding and strengthening hair follicles and support inflammation reduction. This awesome formula targets hair re-growth for all races of people and skin colors white, African American, Latino, black and all others. Supporting great opportunity for successful hair regrowth restoration. This is the formula for those wanting to see great results in hair regrow from scaring alopecia. This formula has the right blend of natural herbs and plants and essential that effectively supports hair regeneration regrow caused by scaring alopecia. This formula targets scaring baldness internally (from inside the body). Supports balancing of hormone levels and supports DHT levels, supporting delivery of nutrients and herbs to the scalp and hair roots to support properly nourishing the scalp, supports decreasing scaring and stimulating hair regrowth.  Great effects for both men and women. A fantastic hair regrowth support product. Supports nourishing the scalp from inside the body and helps support stimulating new hair growth due to scalp scaring.  An Islands Earth Original Product.

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