Man Boob Smoother (Black Medium Fits Size 38B to 42C)


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Man Boob Smoother 4.75″ Wide Elastic (Black Medium Fits Size 38B to 42C).

The New Man Boob Smoother is uniquely designed undergarment that supports a smother Shirt fit. Helps smooth out the look of excess male breast. Helps clothes fit and look better. The Man Boob Smoother is designed to be worn under the shirt to support holding down and reducing the look of the man’s breast. Some men use this product to improve the look of their shirt fit and other men who may have gynecomastia also find this product helpful in reducing the appearance of male breast. Made of 4.75″ wide 100% Elastic Material with hocks. Also Supports upper back fat smoothing Helping you look your best. This is Size MEDIUM that fits sizes 38B to 42C, BLACK. Other colors and sizes available.

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