Perfect 10 Bald Spot Hair Regrow Liquid 2.5 oz



The Perfect 10 Bald Spot Hair Regrow Liquid 2.5 oz The Perfect 10 Hair Regrow Liquid 2.5 oz This all natural hair regrow liquid is specially formulated to address hair loss on the scalp. Works deep within hair follicles to deliver needed nutrients to support stimulation of hair regrowth. Supports reduction of DHT on the scalp and in hair follicles. It works to support ridding the scalp of any fungus that might be visible or invisible on the scalp preventing hair growth men and women. Combats hair loss and supports Hair regrowth. Made with a powerful, effective all natural herbal blend of plant extracts and pure essential oils. Works well alone and works even more effectively when used with the Perfect 10 Herbal Supplement Powder or supplement or capsules. The Powder or capsules works within the body to support addressing internal issues that may be prohibiting hair regrowth.


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