Islands Earth Lung Mucus Nasal Phlegm Drying Sinus Support 120ml POWDER Supplement. All Natural Herbal Formula.

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This all natural supplements kit is designed to support a healthy a respiratory system. Supports the reduction of respiratory issues. Promotes drying of mucus and phlegm in the nasal deviated septum. Supports healing and proper functioning of the respiratory system.


The Islands Earth Lung Nasal, Mucus, Phlegm Drying and Reduction SupportĀ  Supplement 120ml POWDER.

This all natural support supplement promotes drying mucus and phlegm from within the respiratory track. Supports the reduction in the formation and production of mucus and phlegm in the nasal sinuses, lungs and entire respiratory system. The capsule formula is also available. Made with a special blend of all natural herbs, plant extracts.

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